Our Top Mission… make grants in the Birmingham community.

BCF Members

Bobby Maxena
Martha Emmett
Vice Chair, Membership
David W. Scott
Vice Chair, Grants
Shon Thurman
Andrienne Newton
Dr. Anthony Hood
Marsha Morgan
Immediate Past Chair
Marshall Pollard
Zhaundra Jones
Crystal Maxena
Katrina M. Watson
Lyord Watson, Jr.
Charles Lewis, Jr.
Kimberly Richardson
CJ Glover
Kimberly L. Jackson
Andrea Montgomery
Terri Southall
Andreal Howard
James A. Sullivan
Randall Woodfin
Christopher Wilson
Terry Love
Ed Fields

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The giving circle model of philanthropy gave the members of Birmingham Change Fund the means to maximize our capacity to change the community. Some of the strengths of BCF are its diversity, the members’ commitment to BCF and each other, and the closeness of the membership.

Lyord Watson Jr.

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