Threads of Change

The Birmingham Change Fund Patch and Fabric of Change
The Birmingham Change Fund patch is a mark that embodies African American history.  It draws inspiration from the Women of Gee’s Bend Quilters Collective – quilters whose works of art tell the stories of struggles that African Americans encountered during the post Civil War era. The mark’s rough edges reflect modern day challenges while its vibrant and modern colors reveal an energetic and inventive approach to addressing a community’s concerns.

Our patch is part of a broader perspective which envisions philanthropy as the quilt that warms the world with a synergetic impact from non-profits, giving circles, and change-driven citizens. The Birmingham Change Fund’s quilt has taken shape by combining each giving circle member’s experiences and talents. In a sense, the giving circle has identified many resources and carefully combined them with a shared vision to form a special quilt – a Fabric of Change.

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Threads of Change 
The Birmingham Change Fund’s accomplishments highlight the giving circle’s growth as an organization as well as its impact on the Birmingham community. Since 2004, our young leaders consistently applied their skills and resources as they prepared for new challenges, embraced leadership opportunities, and renewed commitments to fellow circle members and the community’s future.

Our accomplishments literally represent patches in the Fabric of Change. The threads that bind each achievement include preparation, leadership and commitment. Let’s explore how we created this Fabric of Change.

For the most part, initial circle members were employed in industries which did not include philanthropy or community development as primary business objectives. A knowledge gap existed. Members closed this gap through participation in national and regional conferences on organized philanthropy. They learned about the rich history of African American giving and used that understanding as basis to continue giving in their own ways.

Organizational Development
Talking Tour | CIN Retreat | Focus Area Research
Name Selection |Branding and Marketing Review
Bylaws and Elections | Check-writing
2004 – 2005

National and International Conferences on Philanthropy





National Center for Black Philanthropy
Regional Conferences:
Indianapolis, IN| New Haven, CT | Baton Rouge, LA

Mid South Commission to Build Philanthropy (Foundation for the Mid South)
South Africa

The Fifth National Conference on Black Philanthropy
Building a Future Worthy of Our Past
Minneapolis, MN

Nonprofit Resource Center of Alabama Summit
Birmingham, AL

Social Change Youth Council Conversation on Giving Circles
Your Reasonable Service
Birmingham, AL

The 2005 Fall Conference for Community Foundations
Seattle, WA

The Grass Roots Retreat
Giving Circles and Black Philanthropy
Madison County, AL

The Sister Fund/Black Women for Black Girls
A Conversation on Giving Circles and Collective Influence
New York, NY

The Neighborhood Funders Group 2006 National Conference
Durham, NC

The Gulf Young Leaders Convening
Jackson, MS

The Sixth National Conference on Black Philanthropy
Washington, D.C.

Community Investment Network Conferences







Annual Giving Circle Learning and Sharing Retreat
Savannah, GA

The Debt and The Reckoning
What Do We Owe Each Other?
Raleigh, NC

Civic Responsibility
Re-connecting People to Their Communities
Raleigh, NC

Community Philanthropy
Symbolism or Substance
Charlotte, NC

Collective Compassion in Action
New Orleans, LA

It’s Our Time! A Collective Call to Act
Durham, NC

A common trait among circle members includes leadership.  A biography of any member will indicate a thorough history of community service. It’s no surprise that these emerging young leaders willingly volunteered to become advocates for community-based organizations throughout Birmingham as junior board members. Their value-added contributions promoted agency initiatives and sparked much needed fundraising.

Chairman 2004 – 2006

Chairman 2007 – 2008

Chairman 2009 –

Board Involvement

Cornerstone Schools of Alabama
Junior Board (2006, 2007, 2007, 2008, 2009)
Schoolhouse Rock (2007, 2008*, 2009)
*Event Chair

Girls Incorporated of Central Alabama
Committee of 25 (2005, 2006, 2007)
Girls INCredible (2006, 2007*)
*Silent Auction Committee Chair

Birmingham Urban League
Birmingham Urban League Young Professionals (2008*, 2009*, 2010**)
*Vice President

The circle is blessed to have at its foundation the strongest roots including familial, fraternal, collegiate, and faith-based bonds. Birmingham Change Fund members possess relationships which are bound in many ways for common interests. These relationships have smoothed over obstacles and paved the way for successful community outreach activities including facilitation of forums on economic empowerment, speaking occasions for concerned community advocates, and social fundraisers such as the annual Party with a Purpose.

Forums & Speaking Occasions

Financial Discovery Forum
2006, 2007*
*Event Sponsor and Presenter

A.G. Gaston Economic Empowerment Conference
Reception Sponsor/Keynote Speaker

Association of Fundraising Professionals, Alabama Chapter
Luncheon Speaker
2007, 2009


Grant Receptions
2005, 2009

Presidential Election Night Change Party*
*collaboration with Birmingham Urban League Young Professionals

Party With a Purpose!*
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
*collaboration with Children’s Hospital

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