Randall L. Woodfin

portrait06Upon listening to Randall L. Woodfin speak about the state of education in the Birmingham school system, you are immediately aware that this is a subject about which he is extremely passionate and extremely well informed. A Birmingham native and graduate of Morehouse College, Randall currently serves as an attorney for the City of Birmingham in the prosecutor’s office by day. Inspired by Benjamin Mays, Randall says the one person he wishes he could meet is one whom he classifies as a philanthropist, business man, neighborhood leader, community activist, family man and servant leader, none other than Mr. A.G. Gaston.

When not clocking hours on behalf of the citizens of Birmingham, Randall’s passion for making the city an even better place to live is seen through his involvement with various civic, community and political entities. His activities include work with …, …, and …

In his spare time you can find Gemini, as he’s known at home, doing some leisurely reading, watching SEC football or on a date. Speaking of leisurely reading, if you are ever in need of a good book, Randall recommends anything by Malcolm Gladwell.