Our Giving

The Birmingham Change Fund is a giving circle of African American professionals who pooled their time, talent and treasures together in order to make grants in the Birmingham community. Our three focus areas are education, economics, and health care.

At the end of 2009, Birmingham Change Fund decided to focus on education. We have taken 2010 to study the Birmingham City School System with the intent to make begin making grant involving education in 2011.

McWane Science Center & W.J. Christian School Grant Highlights
In 2011, a 3-year award of $30,000 was granted to the McWane Science Center and W.J. Christian School for the Science Education Partnership. The Partnership consisted of four main components: 1) Teacher Training Workshops, 2) Classroom Outreach Programs, 3) McWane-based science labs and programs and 4) a school-based science resource center.

The grant awarded by BCF impacted 810 students, provided over 47 field trips and 15 outreach sessions. In addition, this intensive science education program resulted in state standard test
score increase from 41% exceeding standards to 65%. Additionally, W .J. Christian also took home multiple awards at the 2013 district science fair.


Grant recipients of the Birmingham Change Fund.


Cornerstone Schools of Alabama $5,000
Birmingham Urban League $1,500
Northstar Ministries $2,500
Girls Inc of Central Alabama $1,000


Cornerstone Schools of Alabama $2,500
Northstar Ministries $1,000
Girls Inc of Central Alabama $1,000


Girls Inc of Central Alabama $500
Community Investment Network $1,000


Treasure Arts $1,000
Birmingham Urban League $2,500
Need-A-Chance Inc $1,000
Pathways $1,500
Community Investment Network Philanthropy $1,000
Children’s Hospital Foundation Healthcare $1,000


Treasure Arts $400
Community Investment Network Philanthropy $1,000


McWane Science Center $10,000
Community Investment Network $ 1,000


McWane Science Center $10,000
BREAD  $2,034
Community Investment Network  $1,000


McWane Science Center $10,000
Community Investment Network $1,000


Community Investment Network   $  1,000

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I love the fact that a group of thinking people who didn’t know each other in the beginning could develop the necessary levels of trust required to put our money together for an ideal – not a specific program or personal agenda – just an ideal. ~ Ed Fields