Bobby Maxena

bobbyComing to Birmingham from Florida, Bobby Maxena is currently a government employee with the Social Security Administration, here in Birmingham. Civically, Bobby passionately commits to his fraternity, Omega Psi Phi, and to the Birmingham Urban League Young Professionals.

In spite of any situation, Bobby’s mother always taught him to play the cards that he was dealt and make the best of it. Therefore, he strive to make the best of any situation, keeping the strong belief that, “You must do the things others aren’t willing to do in order to be successful.” But don’t let this motto fool you into thinking he will take the brunt of the load unnecessarily, because Bobby is quick to remind anyone, “Baam! Homey don’t play that!”

When there are no obligations, Bobby likes to work out, grill, or watching movies. He recommends that all people read Dale Carnegie’sHow to win Friends & Influence People.